Do You Really Think Pippa Middleton Padded Her Butt for the Royal Wedding?

Pippa Middleton's butt. Photo: Carl De Souza/AFP/Getty Images, Martin Karius/Splash News

TLC aired its Pippa Middleton special this week and got an expert to say she probably padded her butt for the royal wedding. What? That seems like saying your friend showed up to your birthday party with cotton balls embedded under her jeggings because she just liked that fleshy, cellulite look — in other words, it doesn't happen. The only body parts women actually pad are their breasts. But since it's come up, we may as well open the topic to discussion because Pippa is the greatest: Do you think Pippa wore butt pads — you know, stuff like this — to her sister's most famous wedding of our time? Maybe a Spank, but a butt pad?

Experts: Pippa’s Butt Was So Totally Padded At Kate’s Wedding [Jezebel]