DKNY’s Million-Dollar Perfume; a Look at Justin Bieber’s Fragrance’s Ice Cream

Photo: Anders Chr. Madsen

• In a collaboration with jeweler Martin Katz, a special bottle of DKNY's Golden Delicious fragrance will be sold at a charity auction for $1 million. It's made of 14-carat gold and covered in nearly 3,000 precious jewels. [Racked]

Betsey Johnson held a party at Milk Studios this morning to celebrate the launch of her new fragrance, 'Too Too.' The bottle comes dressed in a tutu. [Elle]

• Oh, and here's a picture of the ice cream Harrods is selling in honor of Justin Bieber's perfume launch in the store. [Kiss and Makeup]

• A new line of Violent Lips temporary lip-tattoos is inspired by Nylon's denim issue. Basically, they turn your lips blue like you're Leonardo DiCaprio in the ocean watching your ship sink. [Nylon]

• This is a tough question: Are bare toes having a moment? [Glamour/Girls in the Beauty Dept.]