Glamour Allegedly Plagued by Overworked, Unhappy Staff and a Disgusting Bathroom Situation


You would think everything at Glamour would smell like Windex and potpourri, if the engagement chicken cookbook and glossy white freshness of its magazine layout were anything to go by. However, shit allegedly stinks there — more than one kind of shit — according to an anonymous tipster who wrote to Gawker:

For years, the ladies' room of the 16th floor of Glamour has had a mystery shitter who has left enormous packages in various toilets and appeared to purposefully not flush. Despite signs ranging from laminated "please remember to flush" posters and haikus of middling wit being taped inside each stall, the mystery shitter continues to shit, a silent, odiferous protest against a work environment that regularly keeps staffers there past midnight-3 a.m. nights are not unheard of.

Glamour Haunted by ‘Mystery Shitter’ [Gawker]