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Hearst and Goldman Sachs Try to Copy the Condé Elevator Twitter Feed, Fail


The rise (and subsequent fall) of @CondeElevator has spawned multiple copycat feeds that, like most knockoffs, just aren't as good. Just before the Condé tweeter retired yesterday, someone at Hearst started a Twitter account for @HearstElevatorz (yes, with a z), described thusly:

Hearst has better elevators than Conde, so shouldn't the high tech moving boxes have better Tweets? (Also an awesome z)

So yeah, it was pretty doomed from the start. Tweets consist mostly of jabs at Condé that fall rather flat, considering they're … copying Condé.

Marie Claire Guy: SO glad I'm not at Conde. I need more than one cheese cube! MC Girl: OMG I know! I can't survive on less than 3!


Due to this week's #recession, ad revenues are down and @CondeElevator's budget has been cut. First #Gourmet folds, now this …

Meanwhile, someone over at Goldman Sachs did the same thing, only with more back slapping and private-jet references. Oh, and also a disturbing tendency to refer to women as "skirts":

[London] Skirt#1: "Just so u know, u really shouldn't wear a Hermes scarf as belt until you are at least an ED." Hot Associate: (SILENCE)

Unsurprisingly, their number of followers is straggling in the three digits.

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Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images

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