Watch Glee’s Full Music Video for Fashion’s Night Out


After last week's teaser showed arguably the best part (that would be the chorus) of David Bowie's hit "Fashion," the remainder of the Glee cast's music video tribute sort of pales in comparison. Ashley (Lauren Zizes) and Artie (Kevin McHale) have the best catwalks by a long shot, Mike (Harry Shum Jr.) dances all sorts of amazing, and Lea Michele seems to be taking her sparkly little Balmain mini-dresses a bit too seriously — which is of course just what Rachel would do, too. But make sure you watch as far as minute 1:20 for Sue Sylvester's sexy purr and Gaga–claw combo. No, really.

It's worth noting again: This would be so much better with some of Mercedes's vibrato and, of course, Santana tearing up the runway. (And more Klaine would have been nice, too.)