Inside Zac Posen’s Z Spoke Boutique, Opening Tomorrow


Zac Posen is throwing open the doors of his first stand-alone store tomorrow, a 725-square-foot boutique in the meatpacking district. The cozy, red-accented space is devoted entirely to Z Spoke, the designer’s two-year-old spinoff line; prices range from $270 for a silk shell to $500 for a wool swing coat. Though the label is perhaps best known for its slinky party dresses, the fall collection ranges from silk and jersey tops to peplum blazers and leather handbags. The pieces stick largely to a city-tested palette of black, charcoal, and light gray, but you’ll find bold pops of fuchsia, navy, and midnight blue throughout.

Apart from womenswear, the store packs exclusives like limited-edition Rod Keenan hats ($195), Posen–printed silk scarves ($90), and a selection of rare first-edition books curated by Michael Gallagher of the shuttered East Village bookshop Gallagher Paper Collectibles ($50 to $400). A small screened-off seating area near the fitting rooms encourages lingering, and the three-hour soundtrack playing overhead was compiled expressly for the store by the Misshapes. Click ahead to preview the wares.

Z Spoke, 875 Washington St., nr. 14th St.