Jersey Shore Fashion Recap: Ronnie Does Bling, Vinny Does Stripes, and the Situation Does a Neck Brace


Last night, before the tackiness of the Video Music Awards, MTV primed audiences with a bonus episode of Jersey Shore. They probably didn't even air it as much for the ratings as a kind way to let viewers' eyes adjust to just how hard on the eyes televised clothes can be. After watching Jersey Shore, something as tacky as the VMAs seems normal. Sadly, last night was a bit of a wash, fashion-wise, since half the episode we had to watch everyone bum around in their house clothes while they gossiped about the Situation banging his head into the wall and sending himself to the hospital. Though this kept the Situation in sweats the entire episode, it thankfully introduced a brand new accessory: the neck brace. Meanwhile, Vinny played with stripes, Sammi's commitment to waist belts strengthened as her relationship with Ronnie dissolved, and Deena dressed like a pilgrim. See those looks and more in the slideshow.