Jersey Shore Fashion Recap: When in Italy, Wear Something That Says ‘Italia’


For the less fashion-inclined cast members on Jersey Shore, last night's episode was all about New Directions. And we're not talking about the Situation or JWOWW, who clearly put a lot of intention behind their attire — but those who seem much more out of it when it comes to clothing. Take Snooki, whose progression from just plain mess to just plain hipster mess went one step further — the FEDORA step further — last night. Or Ronnie, who toyed with cleavage as an in-public alternative to shirtlessness. And Vinnie! Who looked so polished the screen practically squeaked when he came on. Or, perhaps most remarkable of all, Deena, whose dresses did that thing most fabrics on this show never get to do: breathe. See those looks and more in the slideshow.