Kanye West Is in Giuseppe Zanotti’s Factory All the Time

Kanye West Photo: OWEN HOFFMANN/??patrickmcmullan

It's practically common knowledge that Kanye West has a thing for shoes. He already made a line of sneakers for Louis Vuitton, and, as part of his very public fashion-obsession, his interest in footwear is kind of required. Now that he's hanging out with Giuseppe Zanotti all the time, he's presumably concentrating on dressier footwear.

“Kanye is always here in my factory. In the last three years, he has come here maybe every month and worked with the employees 10 to 12 hours a day,” said Zanotti, who could be behind the footwear for West’s recently announced luxury women’s clothing collection at New York Fashion Week this September. “[Kanye] loves learning about shoes, both the design and construction, and we’ve tried to design something together,” said Zanotti. “In a couple of months, he could have his own special collection out.”

Zanotti is such a bright spot in an industry that really gets off on secret-keeping.

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