Karen Elson Used to Write Songs in Her Closet

Karen Elson, out of the closet. Photo: Charles Eshelman/2011 Charles Eshelman

For many fashion people, the closet is a happy place, particularly if you happen to have a walk-in wardrobe full of lovely clothes that your designer friends have gifted to you. It can also be a place to hide things from your significant other (that pair of really expensive shoes that your boyfriend would judge you for buying, for example). Such is the case for Karen Elson, who used her large closet to write songs on the sly because she didn't want her former husband, the White Stripes' Jack White, to know about them. "I didn't ever want Jack to think, 'Oh, God, how am I going to break it to her that she really shouldn't be doing this?'" she says. "I kept it all hidden for so long that it sort of became my dirty little secret." [Vogue UK]