Lady Gaga and Debbie Harry Have Very Deep Thoughts About Their Shoes

Debbie Harry and Lady Gaga performing together in 2010. Photo: Kevin Kane/2010 Kevin Kane

Harper's Bazaar got Lady Gaga to interview Debbie Harry for their September issue, in which they discuss things like hair and shoes (the latter being especially relevant because of the title of Blondie's new song, "China Shoes"). It's no surprise that both women take these conversation topics very seriously, even to the point of tears:

Lady Gaga: Tell me more about "China Shoes." I actually started to cry when I first heard it.

Debbie Harry: You're an artist, and you're feeling things and giving them your own interpretation; we embrace it, and the emotion touches us, and then we apply it to our lives. I mean, even jokingly, you know how women feel about their shoes [laughs]. It becomes very important.

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