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Macy’s Succeeds in Drawing Hordes of Horny Women to Its Herald Square Store, Yet Again

There has to be something awkward about standing in front of a giant shirtless picture of yourself, right?

Oh, that's it, Macy's. Not long ago it was Justin Bieber drawing shrieks and panic from crowds of overly excited women — and bored, confused expressions from some of their chaperones — at the Herald Square location. Last night, Macy's stuck it to New York's female public again, by having Rafael Nadal over to pose alongside giant posters of his own shirtless spectacularness, otherwise known as his new Armani advertisements. WWD reports 400 fans showed up:

After taking the train into the city from New Jersey and waiting an hour in the flagship, an autograph-seeking teenage fivesome from the Ramsey Tennis Team were armed and ready with tennis balls. While a few harped on his athletic skills and likability, Lauren Webb cut straight to the chase, “And he’s hot.”

Nadal has made women shriek with pleasure before, he had to confess: "It has happened a few times. It is nothing new for me." But there was a point at which the pillow talk veered, some might say, a little awkward, reaching that point at which a girl's awesome date story turns into a Seinfeld episode.

With the start of the U.S. Open just days away, the tennis pro has been busy practicing but he did manage to catch “Mama Mia” the other night on Broadway. “The music was fabulous,” he said.

Rafael Nadal's Winning Ways [WWD]

Photo: Donna Ward/Getty Images

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