Burberry Launches Its New Fragrance; Nivea Apologized for Its Offensive Skin Care Product Ad

• Fans of Burberry on Facebook will have access to exclusive samples of the label's new scent, "Burberry Body." The fragrance, billed as "a new step in the brand" for Burberry, won't be released until next month. [WWD]

• French actress Léa Seydoux is dancing the Apache, a set of moves popularized in 1930s Paris, in the video ad for Prada's new "Candy" fragrance. [Independent UK]

• Here's a behind-the-scenes video from the latest Chloé fragrance ad. [Bellasugar]

• After a Nivea ad was widely deemed to be racist, the brand posted an apology on their Facebook page acknowledging it was "inappropriate and offensive." They've removed the ad from all circulation channels and say it'll never be used again. [NiveaUSA/Facebook]

• A nasal tanning spray (ew!) called "Ubertan" has been banned in the U.K. after it was found to include melanotan, a chemical that stimulates the production of melanin in skin and has scary side effects like dizziness, migraines, and bizarrely, an increased libido. [Guardian UK]

• Guess what color a new trio of Chanel nail polishes called "Les Jeans de Chanel" will be? Yep, blue. [Racked]