Pippa Middleton’s Tan Arbitrarily Named ‘Royal Mocha’ and the ‘Most Desirable’ of All Tan Shades

Pippa Middleton on July 22. Photo: SAV/2011 SAV

To "celebrate" itself, a new television channel coming out in the U.K. conducted a study on which celebrity had the most desirable shade of tan skin , as you would when you start a new TV channel. So, they hired a panel of experts, led by a "tanning guru," to study more than 100 lady celebrities and come up with clever and, more importantly, marketable names for their various colors of tan. A survey of more than 2,000 British women determined that Pippa Middleton's "Royal Mocha" skin tone was the "most desirable" of all the skin shades. It makes you wonder why they left out Kate Middleton. What is HER tan to them? A shade of dog food?

From 'Cole Cappuccino' to 'Katona Karrot'… Pippa Middleton's 'Royal Mocha' leads the celebrity tan tone scale as the most desirable shade in Britain [Daily Mail]