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Project Runway Recap: Putting the Cat (Food) Back on the Catwalk

Project Runway
My Pet Project Season 9 • Episode 2

Worthy of quick note: In the episode's opening segment, there is a shout-out to Beyoncé’s “We Run the World (Girls)” on the chalkboard at one of the ladies’ apartments, as a motivational message no doubt. We can only dream of seeing clothes as epic as those in B's accompanying video on the show. (Mainly to hear what Michael Kors has to say about them.)

Heidi announces the challenge with a not-so-cryptic clue that it’ll allow the designers to unleash their creativity — this week the runway looks are to be made entirely from ‘stuff’ bought at a pet store.

As is almost always the case with material-shopping on the show, there are levels of Supermarket Sweep-esque mayhem in the pet store, though the producers missed a golden opportunity to up the chaos some more by letting live (rabid?) animals out in the aisles, too. Despite being warned by Tim to think outside the box and avoid obvious choices, many of the designers run for leashes, plastic plants, fabric-based dog and/or cat beds, and, oddly enough, doggie diapers, which everyone insists on calling wee-wee pads. Among the confessionals of note: Our crush-of-the-moment Olivier has never been to a pet store before, and Fallene grew up with parents who let her draw on the walls, which somehow means she’s not taking the challenge, or fashion at all, too seriously (this, we figured). Also, Bert just won’t make costumes or “goofy stuff” at all. We’re not saying he’s already grouchy enough to kill kittens … but when he asked if he was allowed to use live animals, we weren’t entirely sure if he was joking, which doesn’t bode well at all.

And by the time Tim’s workroom critique-session rolls around, it’s clear Bert is being a grumpy old man. (We’re still riffing off of the fact he said he’s 102-years-old last week.) He’s not even pretending to care about the challenge and its constraints, and while it’s plainly ridiculous, that’s almost half the fun of the show. Tim doesn't seemed overly concerned about many other outfits, but, at the other end of the design ‘spectrum’ there’s Joshua M. (the not-bald, overly tan Joshua) working on an outfit that looks like the remnants of a brawl at a drag queen disco. (Look for that phrase as a future Kors zinger; it has potential.) Oh, and Miss Trinidad & Tobago pops up a few times to tell us she's struggling with finishing her look in time, because she doesn't know what she's doing at all. That's her schtick through and through.

At the runway showcase, guest judge Stacey Bendet shows solidarity with the contestants by showing off a fascinator she may well have made from pet store products too. Olivier’s pale, tailored separates are awarded the win just narrowly over Anthony’s birdseed-adorned mini dress — Heidi was overruled by her fellow judges, and is not happy about it. (To turn a Tim Gunn phrase, we’re responding very well to the more in-depth judging discussions — particularly when they get a little snippy.) And taking the fall is Joshua C. (the bald, not-so-tan one), who just seemed to want to succeed so much that it made actual success impossible.

Click through our slideshow of the looks and play 'guess the materials', because we’re not sure ourselves what half of them were.

Baseless Week #02 Prediction, Fashion Week Finalists: Anthony, Olivier, Viktor.

Photo: Courtesy of Lifetime

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