Project Runway Recap: A Loss of Balance and Composure

Episode Title
Off The Track

Most looking less than chipper, the designers awoke this week to boxes of snazzy New Balance shoes and sportswear. Yay, gifts! They correctly guessed that they’d be making activewear — at least of sorts. Heidi met them at a running track in Washington Heights, where she explained that they’ll be making pieces to complement her new New Balance line, the best of which will be sold online. (You might have noticed, but there’s a bit of product placement going on here.) Moreover, they’ll be working in teams of three, which, judging by most of the designers’ expressions, is a prospect they relish about as much as a style consultation with Nina Garcia. There’s a footrace to determine the four team leaders, and the speediest end up being all of the young guys remaining in the contest, apart from our sentimental favorite, Olivier, who fell over and had a panic attack, poor thing. And Bertzilla is not only last in the race, but picked last to join a team, too, go figure.

Baseless Week #05 Prediction, Fashion Week Finalists: Anya, Kimberly, Olivier.