RuPaul on Drag: ‘If I Never Did It Again I’m Fine With That’

RuPaul Charles in drag. Photo: Mark Mainz/2007 Getty Images

Cathy Horyn took RuPaul Charles to lunch to discuss all matters drag-related, like the dangers of too much eye shadow. “One thing you’ll see with our girls,” Mr. Charles explained, “is they have long lashes — too long. Or crooked. And a lot of their makeup is too strong. They haven’t adjusted it for TV ... Too much shadow makes it campy.” Charles himself has been taking a break from dressing up lately. “It’s really a small part of my life,” he said. “Obviously I haven’t done drag in a couple of months now. My eyebrows have grown back in... If I never did it again I’m fine with that. If I do it tomorrow, I’ll take some water pills and make it happen.” [NYT]