See the Bridal Gown Zara Phillips Wore at the Zillionth Royal Wedding of the Summer


If you thought your summer weekends blended into one big, drunk party with an abundance of satin dresses your friends call their weddings, just imagine if you were a royal, and had to take time off practically every day this summer to watch your family members get hitched. And when you weren't at weddings, you'd have to make appointments to get your hats fitted, and make calls to friends and cousins to ensure your skirt-suit wasn't the same shade of pastel as theirs, and complain about feeling bloated from all the booze and fruitcake you ingested last weekend. Stress! Following the nuptials of Kate Middleton, Kate Moss (who is basically royalty minus her genes and attitude toward modesty), and Charlene Wittstock, Prince William's cousin Zara Phillips married rugby player Mike Tindall on Saturday in Edinburgh. Kate Middleton was there, wearing a coat and dress she's already been photographed in, probably so as not to take the wind out of that day's bride's sails — and to that end, we won't post a picture of her here right now (though you can expect thorough coverage of her look later in the blogday).

Zara Phillips weds rugby star in low-key royal affair [AP]