See What 90 Retailers Love for Fall in Our Latest Shop-a-Matic

Clockwise from left: Swirls Pleated Skirt by Tibi, Lace Sweatshirt by LOFT, Contrast Dalmation Swing Coat by Topshop, TSOVET Watch, and Plaid Herringbone Button-Down by Odin New York.

As everyone battens down the hatches for Hurricane Irene, it's hard not to feel gypped out of one of the last beach weekends of the summer. But while the warm and sunny days are dwindling, fall means loads of new merchandise in stores. In our latest Shop-a-Matic we asked 90 retailers to tell us what they're most excited to stock for fall. Most stores, in memory of last year's brutal winter, are gearing up for a chilly season with snuggly sweaters, warm coats, and slush-friendly boots. If the thought of cold and snow makes you cringe, look on the bright side: At least there are lots of shiny new things to look at while you're stuck indoors.

Plaid Herringbone Button-Down by Odin New York
Price: $210
Why It's Their Pick: "It has a great fit, and the subtle herringbone texture gives it a little more character." — Eddy Chai, owner of Odin