Shoppers Accuse a London Gap of Hiring Emaciated Mannequins


A blogger's wife was alarmed recently when she saw, in a London Gap, two black toothpicks pointing upwards from a display table, with no olives or cheese cubes in sight. Turns out, those 'picks were not 'picks at all, but rather, a mannequin's extremities.

My intrepid wife snapped this pic in a Gap store in London, where a dangerously emaciated mannequin was showing off the frankly named "Always Skinny" line. I'm wondering what the internal project name for this was at Gap HQ: "Death-camp chic"? "Ana Pride"? "Famine fashion forward"? In any event, you're apparently not supposed to purvey the secret nature of Gap's starving clothing displays outside of the shop, as a clerk gave my wife a savage ticking-off for snapping this shot.

It remains unconfirmed if the shopper, confused, further pissed off the clerk by trying to spear and eat one of those camis.

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