Taylor Swift Might Now Understand Why So Many Divas Wear Skintight Things Instead of Flouncy Dresses Onstage


Taylor Swift is such a kitten. She purrs, she licks her paw, the crowd goes wild! But, as with any lady celebrity who can get tweens off so easily, she learned there is actually an easier way to excite them: by flashing panties. Swift accidentally did so when she underestimated the proximity of a wind machine onstage, stood right over it, and her dress blew up. The same sort of thing happened to Kate Middleton when she was on a helipad not long ago, but her panties weren't fully revealed the way Swift's were (and even if they were, she has nude pantyhose to keep us from knowing if she prefers thongs to briefs). Swift looked pretty embarrassed by the whole thing but the full-coverage undies she had on suggests someone expected this to happen at some point with a skirt that flouncy. Maybe now she knows why so many divas throw on a leotard and call it a day.

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