The Cast Photos for the All-Star Season of America’s Next Top Model Are Amazing

Sheena Sakai (cycle 11), Angelea Preston (cycle 14), Bianca Golden (cycle 9).

Us Weekly released promo shots of all fourteen contestants lucky enough to be in the running for ANTM's all-star crown. The entertainment value of the photos alone sets a high bar for the season: Each of the returning models is, tenuously, re-creating their "character" from the show. Cycle 1's Shannon is pure and angelic — with a halo no less; cycle 2's Camille is putting the capital F in Fierce, if not Feral; and cycle 12's Allison is doll-like, but eerie. And then, of course, there's cycle 5's Lisa touching her toes like she's the hired entertainment at a fraternity's foam party. It all makes sense because it doesn't, and really that's always been part of Top Model's charm. The circus begins anew on September 15. [Us Weekly]