The Cast Photos for the All-Star Season of America’s Next Top Model Are Amazing

Sheena Sakai (cycle 11), Angelea Preston (cycle 14), Bianca Golden (cycle 9). Photo: Celeste Canino

Us Weekly released promo shots of all fourteen contestants lucky enough to be in the running for ANTM's all-star crown. The entertainment value of the photos alone sets a high bar for the season: Each of the returning models is, tenuously, re-creating their "character" from the show. Cycle 1's Shannon is pure and angelic — with a halo no less; cycle 2's Camille is putting the capital F in Fierce, if not Feral; and cycle 12's Allison is doll-like, but eerie. And then, of course, there's cycle 5's Lisa touching her toes like she's the hired entertainment at a fraternity's foam party. It all makes sense because it doesn't, and really that's always been part of Top Model's charm. The circus begins anew on September 15. [Us Weekly]