Time to Assign Meaning to Barack Obama’s Bad Vacation Clothes

Photo: JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images; CJ Gunther-Pool/Getty Images; Vincent Dewitt-Pool/Getty Images/2011 AFP

Barack Obama admitted, "I'm a little frumpy," after a highly publicized bout of "mom jeans" in the summer of 2009. This was after another major mom-jeans offense on the campaign trail in 2008, after which he seemed to have learned what were good jeans and what were bad jeans. He went on to wear some nice suits, some shocking sandals, and, the men's fashion authorities at Esquire assert, has by now "often been accused of having swagger. Or, of possessing a level of fashion savoir-faire." But WHAT is he doing in Martha's Vineyard on his vacation? He went and dad-ed himself out in the least sexy jeans he could find again, is what he did. Not to mention boxy polos that did nothing for his figure, and a confused tie-less suit that aged him faster than the job of being the POTUS does.

On Vacation, Barack Obama, and His Lack of Style [Esquire]