Tom Ford Is Only the Eleventh Most Expensive Store in the Country

Inside Tom Ford.

A clothing company's reputation for luxury is built mostly on two things: price and champagne in the changing rooms. This would make the most luxurious store in all the land Oscar de la Renta, which is our nation's most expensive, according to The average amount spent in a visit to the New York boutique is a healthy $3,217. Meanwhile, New York's Giorgio Armani store is only the second most expensive store in the country, with the average receipt coming in at $2,881. Chanel comes in at No. 6, with an average purchase amount of $2,115 in the New York store, and Tom Ford, who practically puts the f in fancy, doesn't even make the top ten, coming in at No. 11, where the average amount spent in a visit is $1,797. So, if you like to go into these stores just to look around and have wondered just how out-of-your-league you are when you do that, now you know.

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