Video: Hot Topics Lady Gaga Discusses on The View Include Getting Stopped in Public Places for Wearing Too Little Clothing


Everything Lady Gaga had to personally use on The View today was houndstooth, to go with her fall Ferragamo runway look, which included a houndstooth suit, pumps, and clutch. Her cue cards for the "Hot Topics" segment was houndstooth. Her piano for her performance was houndstooth. She also appeared to have houndstooth painted onto her face in the area of her left eye. Other than her striking-in-a-neat-way matchy-matchiness, face-painting, and decision for everything she had to touch that hour to be the loudness that is houndstooth, she looked spectacularly normal. Her hair was long and blonde. Her makeup was simple and neutral. And she was charmingly self-deprecating. In discussing Tim Gunn's recent comments about Hillary Clinton's wardrobe, she offered, "You know, I think Hillary Clinton has more important things to worry about than her hemline. I certainly don't." She also expressed solidarity with the woman kicked out of Wal-Mart for shopping in a bikini. And she was so down-to-earth she didn't even change her outfit once during the hour-long program and carried her purse over to the piano when she performed. You know she has "people" with her at all times to act as side tables whenever she needs something held.