Video: JWOWW Laments Italy’s Sub-Par Tanning Salons on Regis


JWOWW looked less thin on Regis & Kelly, we think, than she did on the season premiere of Jersey Shore last week. Though any plastic surgery she had done between the third and fourth seasons was not discussed, topics of conversation ranged from the superficial to the even more superficial. JWOWW expressed extreme disappointment in Italy's tanning salons: "Their beds just weren't up to our standards, so we would go for like, 28 minutes or double sessions, and I would come out with just freckles," she said. "So I was doubling up on the spray-tanning day and night, and not only that — you'd have to walk to the tanning salon." This was a problem because the city is paved in cobblestones, and JWOWW, et al., like to wear heels. Find out how many pairs she packed in the video.