Alexander Wang’s Niece Keeps Getting More Adorable; Karl Lagerfeld Turns One Year Older

Aila Wang Photo: Clint Spaulding/? Patrick McMullan

• A star equally fitting for a movie called I Don't Know How She Does It as Sarah Jessica Parker would most certainly be Alexander Wang's niece Aila, who was at his show being more fabulous than everyone there combined yesterday.

• Happy belated birthday to Karl Lagerfeld! Who turned 78. At the link, enjoy a vintage photo of him on the beach in a mankini, Sports Illustrated–style. [Fashin]

• Spotted: Anna Wintour at a pizza parlor in Chelsea. [Fashin]

Cosmopolitan editor Kate White: "There was a phase when I begged this woman on staff to bring her dog to work. They don't allow dogs in the Hearst building. But if you're working at Cosmo and you're not scaring the bejesus out of the management, you're not doing your job." [Daily Front Row]

• Lisa Armstrong, British newspaper the Telegraph's new fashion editor, wrote a column about how she got there. [Telegraph UK]

• Check out some photos from the casting for yesterday's Band of Outsiders show. [T Magazine]

• One of the contestants on the current season of Poland's Next Top Model was born a hermaphrodite. [Daily Mail UK]

• Here's an art project in which a costume designer literally reinterpreted childrens' drawings as clothes. [NYT]