André Leon Talley Never Invites Friends to His House

André Leon Talley. Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/2011 Getty Images

Despite his extensive collection of fancy china, including "sterling silver knives and forks from Lena Horne’s estate sale at Doyle," André Leon Talley does not entertain friends at his Westchester home. "It’s a sanctuary and I want it to be my own personal Ali Baba cave of delight," he tells the Times. He goes on to wax lyrical about his nice leafy yard, the veggie chili at his local diner, and best of all, his proximity to the Container Store: "It’s the best place for my new modern luggage, nylon-padded suitcases on three wheels. I also buy lots of storage bins for my at-home office, and at Christmas I splurge on special fancy paper, to wrap Whoopi Goldberg’s presents." See, you can almost relate! [NYT]