Apparently Pippa Middleton Didn’t Wear Underwear to the Temperley Show

If you really want to see it, you'll have to Google it. Photo: Tim Whitby/2011 Getty Images

Now that she's a huge star, she has to be babied, because that's what happens to huge stars — they get so babied that they can snap their fingers and a minute later have an assistant bring them an extra-foamy soy latte in a baby bottle with a green straw sticking out of the top, if that's what they want. So maybe Temperley didn't baby Pippa by giving her underwear with the dress, so she just didn't wear any? There is also the possibility that Pippa is not getting babied, despite being hugely famous, because that's not how her sister rolls, and she just didn't wear underwear because there was no way for her to do so without having a panty line. But, ladies, there is a wildly simple solution to this problem: If you can't wear it without a panty line, don't wear it at all. [Hollywood Life]