Backstage Video: What Sally LaPointe’s Collection Has in Common With a Smallpox Hospital


An abandoned smallpox hospital on Roosevelt Island is one of the more unusual places to begin work on a fashion show, but that's where Sally LaPointe's spring 2012 collection began — LaPointe digitally created prints to look like the hospital's crumbling walls. When looks didn't come in earth tones, they came in neon — which we've seen on many runways so far this season — and black. Now in her third season, LaPointe's business and show has grown significantly, thanks in part to dressing Lady Gaga after finding a fan in her stylist Nicola Formichetti. It certainly isn't hard to see Lady Gaga in one of those long sheer skirts, styled for the runway with only a thong underneath. Hear more from LaPointe — including how her personal beauty routine is like Michele Bachmann's — in the video.