Vladimir Putin May Have Gotten Plastic Surgery; Freja Beha Stars in Valentino Ad

Kirsten Dunst.

• After a fresh-faced showing over the weekend, there's been renewed speculation that Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has had some facial cosmetic surgery treatments. [Daily Mail UK]

Freja Beha Erichsen looks a bit confused in her new ad for Valentino's "Valentina" fragrance. This is possibly because people call her Valentina throughout the commercial. [Design Scene]

• Tomas Maier talks about his first scent for Bottega Veneta, which he did with Serge Lutens: "In today’s world, when a scent is made, it is always made like the latest success on the market. It’s hippie-shnippy from this house, so everything smells like hippie-shnippy for the next four years. That does work, just like, “Let’s just put a name of a starlet on it, and we’ll sell it because everybody likes that scent now” works. But we don’t work like that." [Beauty Counter Blog/Style.com]

• Talk-show host Wendy Williams took off her wig in front of the cameras, but wouldn't let anyone see the real hair underneath. [ONTD]