What Would Andy Warhol Have Thought of Today’s Starlets?

Bob Colacello. Photo: Stephen Lovekin/2011 Getty Images

"I guess Lindsay Lohan’s sort of reminiscent of Edie Sedgwick in that she’s sort of living her life — her highs and her lows — in a very public way. And I think Andy would have been there with his video camera, telling me I should put her on the cover of Interview, and I would be saying, ‘No, no, no. She’s too trashy. She’s been on the cover of too many other magazines!’ I feel sorry for her, to be quite honest. Andy’s kind of voyeuristic love of people living out the dramas of their lives, you know, the exhibitionism of all that, would have definitely drawn Andy to Lindsay Lohan. He probably would have been dating Paris Hilton in between. You know, cheating on Lindsay Lohan with Paris, or Kim Kardashian. The A-list, you know? She’s actually a very good actress, so it’s sort of a little bit unfair to compare her to people whose main talent is getting publicity." — Andy Warhol biographer and Interview/Factory cohort Bob Colacello