Carine Roitfeld Continues Making Vague Pronouncements About Her Career Plans

Photo: Neilson Barnard/2011 Getty Images

"My name has become a brand — it could be make-up, clothing, perfume. I'm not a designer but I have this way of dressing. Maybe I can find a way to make it happen," she says, claiming she won't return to working for a publishing house like Condé Nast. "I have a lot to say about fashion, not just about fashion but beauty, art. I'm looking for a new way to talk to readers. We make the dream team — Marie-Amélie Sauvé, Testino, Stephen Gan. We are dreaming of a way to make something different, maybe to do it on the Internet — on the iPad the pictures look beautiful. Maybe in six months I will be ready for this new project. I am thinking. The project is almost there in my mind." [Telegraph UK]