Daphne Guinness Was Very Nervous at the Opening of her FIT Exhibit

Daphne Guiness==
Daphne Guinness Opening Reception==
The Museum at FIT, New York==
September 15, 2011==
?Patrick McMullan==
Photo-JIMI CELESTE/patrickmcmullan.com==
Daphne Guinness in her Hogan McLaughlin gown.

At last night’s exhibition of Daphne Guinness’s clothing and films at FIT, the subject herself was breathless in a crushing crowd on the museum’s lower level. “It’s really surreal,” she said. “It’s such a lot of collaborations that I’ve been doing. And to see them all in one room is kind of mind-blowing. Normally you should be dead if you have a retrospective. I’ve been very, very nervous.”

Surrounded by mannequins with black-streaked platinum hair exactly like her own, Guinness looked dazzling in chrome-colored sequins that flowed in a train behind her. (Valentino Garavani accidentally stood on it, but just for a second.) The dress was from Hogan McLaughlin, a 22-year-old former dancer, who just released his first collection of eight pieces earlier this week.

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