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Donald Glover on Why Rapping Beats Modeling for Picking Up Girls

Rapper / Actor / Model Donald Glover

We found Donald Glover at Bloomingdale’s during Fashion’s Night Out, playing host at GQ’s Dockers launch event. And yes, the Community star told us, he was wearing the new Dockers designed by Alexander Wang, but he wasn’t doing much shopping at the store. “I would have been buying these, but I think I’m getting them for free,” he said.

Glover, who has modeled for Band of Outsiders and Gap, said that his modeling tip is to “exude comfort.” “Like, the Gap ad was taped on the hottest day, literally, in July, and it was: Pretend to be Christmas. They were like, be comfortable, pretend it’s Christmas; enjoy it. And I was, like, I’m sweating bullets. Band of Outsiders was a little easier because everything is cut super short, so you’re wearing shorts and stuff when it’s super hot,” he explained. “But no one, like, ever wants to see how the hot dogs are made; everybody just wants to eat the hot dog. So don’t make it look like it’s work, make it look fun and comfortable.”

He does not, however, have a Zoolander-style model strut. “I’ve never had to walk a runway; I just do stills,” he said. “Do those models have, like, a beef with each other at all, still models and runway models?”

Still, while Glover says he models because it’s fun and people ask him to do it, rapping is much more effective in attracting women. “Rapping, for some reason, has gotten me way more girls, ‘cause, I guess, like, the bravado that’s there is attractive,” the NYU alum said. “Even though, like, I fake that, too. It’s totally fake. I’m not the kind of guy to be, like, ‘Yeah, what’s going on? My penis is huge!’ Like, I’m not that type of dude. But, you know, when I rap it’s kind of fun to do that and the girls like it. A certain type of girl; not all girls.”

But back to fashion: Glover updated us on that little contretemps last Fashion Week when he switched seats at a show, forcing blogger Tavi to sit next to Anna Wintour. “I heard Tavi wrote a blog post about it and said she was angry at me and was going to boycott Community because — I mean, as a joke — because I switched seats with her and made her sit [next to Wintour,]” he said, laughing. “Which I was like, haven’t you guys already met? I was sure they had already met.”

We agreed it seems likely that Tavi had already met Wintour at some point. “So I think that only solidified my choice, the fact that they had already met and she still didn’t want to sit next to her.”

Photo: Craig Barritt/Getty Images for GQ

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