Duchess Kate Reportedly Dyes Her Hair Regularly; Donald Trump Awards a Plastic Surgery Prize

Marike Le Roux.

• Kate Middleton dyes her hair, apparently: Once every eight weeks she'll get an organic vegetable dye applied to make sure it remains just the right shade of chestnut brown. [Jezebel]

• Here's a video diary from the perspective of model Hanne Gaby Odiele's hair during New York Fashion Week. It has a lot to deal with. [Bazaar Blog]

• $25,000 of cosmetic surgery is being given away as a prize for the winner of a card-playing competition at the Trump Taj Mahal in Altantic City. [Gawker]

• Despite a denial from the surgeon in question, Us Weekly reports that both Nicole Richie and Kate Hudson received breast implants. [Us Weekly]

• E-commerce makeup site Makeup Gourmet is now only selling products made entirely in the USA, because, "we cannot rely on nor expect Congress to solve this current economic dilemma." Take that, big government, no foreign lip-liners for you. [Bellasugar]