Johnny Weir Made Out’s Best- and Worst-Dressed List Simultaneously

Johnny Weir. Photo: Patrick McMullan

After picking a short list of 50 gay men apparently well-known for their style, Out magazine asked their readers to play fashion critic (stating that "the gay community loves to judge. We’re just good at it"). Tom Ford picked up the most acclaim; rounding out the top five were Adam Lambert, Marc Jacobs, Johnny Weir, and, despite having never officially discussed his sexuality, Zachary Quinto. Of course, in the truest sign that his style is indeed noteworthy, Johnny Weir also placed fourth on the flip-side, alongside those considered to be the worst-dressed gays. The other bottom-of-the-list honors went to Boy George and his face paintings, followed by Perez Hilton and Bruce Vilanch (who, with this photo chosen as his representation in the poll, never stood a chance). [Out]