Maggie Gyllenhaal Has More Handbags and Vibrators Than She Knows What to Do With

Maggie Gyllenhaal. Photo: Andrew Toth/? Patrick McMullan

Maggie Gyllenhaal needs a little help from her friends when it comes to using her extensive assortment of purses. “One thing about being an actress is I get sent a lot of bags. So I have this incredible collection, and I actually use like one or two of them," she told The Cut at Mulberry’s 40th birthday bash on Monday. "I lend them to my friends, and they’ll take them for six months at a time.” But bags aren't the only goodie friends of Maggie can expect to borrow: She also has a surplus of vibrators. Her collection was amassed while shooting the movie Hysteria: “I was sent a lot of vibrators from different sex stores in England while we were shooting the movie,” she said, laughing. “I shared them around.”