Michael Stipe: Clothing Options Limited for the Middle-Aged Male Pop Star

Michael Stipe. Photo: Skip Bolen/2011 Skip Bolen

The R.E.M. front man thinks middle-aged women have it easier when it comes to dressing well than their male counterparts. "As a man of my age — I'm 51 — womenswear is so much more interesting," he told The Cut at last night's Edun after-party. "Once you're no longer 27 years old, it's hard to find really good menswear. It's really limited." Stipe's fashion fear is dressing like that 27-year-old forever. "Especially as a pop star, it's embarrassing when people dress 20 years too young," he explained. "It's really hard to find inventive, cool, well-cut, affordable clothing if you're a guy. I think it's easier for women, I really do."

Who does Stipe, who collaborated with Lacoste in 2008, think is doing it right? "If I could pack a bag for a week to go somewhere, maybe I'd take a Patrik Ervell suit, I'd take some Edun shirts — cause they're doing good shirts for someone my age — um, some vintage Helmut Lang, and the Kim Jones/Louis Vuitton is really good, and …Rogan. Rogan for beachwear."

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