Miss J. Alexander on Kate Middleton’s Walk: ‘Very Royal’

Miss J. Alexander. Photo: Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

No walk goes without a critique from runway coach extraordinaire Miss J. Alexander, and Kate Middleton is no exception. “It’s very royal,” Miss J. said of the duchess's stroll at Macy's Fashion's Night Out event last night. “Very, very royal. It’s a protocol walk.” However, he thinks her infamous see-through gown modeling stint had room for improvement. “She could have been a little more relaxed and a little more sexy than just walking in a transparent dress with her bra and panties underneath,” he advises. “But I think she has an amazing body for clothes. She is going to be a lot of young girls’ inspiration — not to be princesses, but just to have a great sense of style. It’s very simple, but it works for her.” According to the Queen of the Catwalk, H.R.H. isn’t the only one who could use a boost on the runway. “Most models walking out there are terrified. They think they’re giving this look on their face” — Miss J. flashes a sexy smile — “but they’re giving this one,” he says, as he contorts his face into a cartoonish fright that harks back to one of his America’s Next Top Model mock poses. But models, there’s no need to fret; Miss J. has pretty high standards. His favorite strut of all time? “Moses, because he walked on water.”