Rachel Zoe on Brad Goreski: ‘It’s Not the First Time I’ve Been Used’


The best thing about going back to work on Tuesday after Labor Day is that everyone will have to put their white jeans away because IT IS A RULE. Kidding! Actually the best thing about Tuesday is that the Rachel Zoe Project returns to Bravo with the season four premiere. First Rachel will have to explain why Brad Goreski, her former assistant, is no longer around. While, at the time of their divorce, each said the breakup was amicable and that Goreski merely wanted to branch out on his own and really spread his styling wings and fly, Rachel says in a preview clip from the new episode that it wasn't really like that.

According to Rachel, Brad told her and her husband Roger that he wanted to have a life — spend time at home with his dog and his boyfriend, not worry about getting dresses for famous people to wear on red carpets, and step out of the limelight. Rachel and Roger took his word for it, and let their little birdie go. We love Brad but, if you thought him voluntarily exiting the limelight sounds about as likely as the world collectively deciding not to care about Kim Kardashian, you'd be right. Not only does he have his own show on Bravo coming up, within a week of leaving Rachel Zoe Inc., he "started to pursue our clients, started going to all these events, and doing all the things he said he had no interest in," Rachel says. "It's not the first time I've been used. I would say it's going to be the last time, though." So Brad likes attention — who with a Facebook page doesn't? The assistant drama is far from the main highlight of the season, though, because Rachel's pregnant.