Sienna Miller Delayed the Matthew Williamson Show; Andrej Pejic ‘Can’t Eat Much’

Anja Rubik for Vogue.

• Car problems meant Sienna Miller ran late — a half-hour late — to the Matthew Williamson show during London Fashion Week. The designer, a close friend of Sienna, held his show off until her arrival, which reportedly annoyed Anna Wintour so much that she came close to leaving before the show started. [Metro UK]

Andrej Pejic has a 25-inch waist, says: “Let's be honest. You can't eat much if you want to do this.” [Daily Mail UK]

• Alex Prager shot Anja Rubik scaling a ladder with a paint bucket and a furry purse for this month's Vogue. [FashionGoneRogue]

• Lady Gaga's third short “fashion film” video for “You and I” is out, and she’s back to dressing up as Yuyi, her sassy mermaid alter ego — faux-gills and all. [DigitalSpy]

• Styleite is shaming The Wall Street Journal by pointing out that they used an incorrect photo in their review of Giles Deacon's recent collection. [Stylite]

Heidi Klum has made Tim Gunn promise to wear an extravagant costume to her Halloween party this year. [Heidi Klum/AOL]