Sonia Rykiel Gets a New Creative Director; Ungaro Won’t Tap a Head Designer for a While

Karen Elson for Italian Vogue.

Sonia Rykiel has named April Crichton as the label’s new creative director. [WWD]

• Ungaro will purposely avoid hiring a new designer for a while, instead proceeding with a design team to help focus the brand's image. [WSJ]

Karen Elson is on the new cover of Italian Vogue. [Design Scene]

• In response to the yesterday’s amusing viral e-mail from a customer service rep at an Australian clothing store to a disgruntled customer, an Australian news show panelist summed up the story: “People who work in fashion are wankers.” [ONTD]

Karl Lagerfeld has a new project out with Hogan to showcase his new collection for the label. It’s basically a catalogue, but he’s referring to it as a 32-page book (of models wearing the newly designed clothes). [WWD]

• Tenuously fashion-related, but still of note: To avoid paparazzi in Brazil, Ke$ha wore a plushie shark on her face. [Us]