Off-Duty Models: The Starlets of Street Style


Alexander Wang has used her as a muse. Entire blogs are devoted to chronicling her style. Just as many editorial shoots are inspired by what she wears. We’re not talking about a particular person, but rather a style archetype that has become increasingly fetishized as fashion becomes mainstream Internet entertainment: the model off-duty. Her insouciantly cool appearance is often comprised of slouchy knits, skinny jeans, clunky boots, and perfectly mussed hair — nothing overdone, everything seemingly relying on what was on the bedroom floor, or what was easy to throw on in between runway shows. Sometimes it's just a bra, sometimes it's a see-through maxi-skirt, sometimes it's a pair of leather pants. And while it’s true that models have certain physical advantages when it comes to looking great — often along with designer items gifted to them for jobs — there are those who just simply excel at putting together a damn good outfit. Click through the slideshow to see which catwalkers do this sartorial genre the most justice.

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