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The Fug Girls: A Late Hilton and a Very Single Hearst at Alice + Olivia

LeAnn Rimes is clearly tired. Not that she looked sleepy at the Alice + Olivia presentation on Monday, but rather that her weight has been an overpowering subject of discussion both at Fashion Week and in the tabloids, and we imagine it’s pretty exhausting having to talk about it all the time. So when we overheard a reporter courageously—and tactfully—ask Rimes if she’s been doing anything different lately to stay fit, we were unsurprised to see Rimes’s face tighten into an I-know-what-you’re-getting-at expression. “Nope,” she said, tersely but politely. “Nothing different.” The full-stop at the end of that sentence was pregnant with aggravated fatigue. No, more than just pregnant; it was knocked up with triplets. But apparently she won’t be anytime soon, given that earlier we heard her say that she and hubby Eddie Cibrian are nowhere near discussing when to have kids. That’s probably for the best—we’re all so invested in the Zeyoncé (Bey-Z?) child that Hollywood may want to consider a baby moratorium until Music’s Second Coming has arrived and been sufficiently feted.

Elsewhere in the room, the ubiquitous Corinne Bailey Rae checked out the collection and further solidified her bid to become the new Jessica Szohr. Unfortunately for Szohr, she herself is not even in contention for this honor, as — much the way Vanessa from Brooklyn was dispatched to Spain — we have yet to see the Gossip Girl actress anywhere this season. Three of Szohr’s former Sassy Secondary Gossip Girl Character cohorts were there, though: Tika Sumpter drifted through in a gold dress, and Katie Cassidy (in gold sequins) and Michelle Trachtenberg (formal shorts and tights) chatted by the bar in a conversation that seemed to veer from gossip to what projects Cassidy is buying the rights to produce. That felt right to us — if we had to guess, we’d say about 60 percent of Hollywood business is discussed while at least one party is wearing sequins. And if that’s not correct, it should be.

Nicky Hilton arrived late, immediately stopping to snap a camera-phone photo of some very high-waisted, floor-length black-and-white pants paired with a yellow blouse and a giant green hat. (The holidays are coming up — maybe Nicky’s gift to Paris will be a makeover.) Hilton said watching someone else’s show gives her a mild jones to put on another of her own, but that the collections themselves aren’t even her favorite part of Fashion Week. “I like watching what all the people at the shows are wearing,” she said. “I mean, the front row at Diane Von Furstenberg, everyone was so immaculate. I couldn’t stop staring at their shoes.” LaLa Vasquez, who attended the presentation with LeBron James’s girlfriend Savannah Brinson, said all the NBA players who’ve been spiffing up the tents this week are an indication that theirs is the best-dressed professional sport — with one caveat: “If I said anything else, my husband would kill me.”

But arguably the most important message of the night was from Lydia Hearst. “I’m not married. I’m SINGLE,” she stressed to us, referring to the Imitation of Christ show in which spectators were led to believe she’d legally married actor Miles Fisher. “We’re friends, and we needed a groom for the show, so I just called him up and asked him to marry me and next thing you know he got on the plane and did it.” Hearst said the dress she wore, with a bustier made entirely of glass, was finished in just three days and required her to stand stock still for over an hour while they made a plaster cast of her body. That is going to be tough to top when she actually does get married, although Hearst stressed that she is really not focusing on a wedding right now because she is sans boyfriend. We’re no experts, but when a dude flies across country to fake-marry you in public just for kicks while you are dressed in what amounts to a picture window, he might be throwing his hat in the ring. Especially when the minister was — she confirmed — totally legit. In fact, how does she know the marriage isn’t secretly legal, we wonder? Hearst paused and frowned. “Hmm,” she said. “Well… that would be … a shock.” No, that would be a rom-com. Better hop to and sell that, Lydia, before Katie Cassidy snaps up the rights.

Photo: Patrick McMullan

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