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The Fug Girls: Ashley Tisdale and Alexis Bledel Cram Themselves Into Nicole Miller, Silence Ensues

From left: Tika Sumpter, Alexis Bledel, Nicole Miller, and Ashley Tisdale.

Front row at Nicole Miller on Friday night was apparently kind of a hot ticket, because when we walked in, people were actually sharing seats. Sure, those people were Jennifer "Sister of Ashley" Tisdale and her seatmate, Rachel Griffith's very cute little girl Adelaide, who was trying valiantly (and unsuccessfully) to fit herself between them without squashing anyone, but still: We haven't seen lap-sitting at a fashion show among the over-twos since the last time Heatherette put forth a collection.

Speaking of, we'd heard rumors that Richie Rich was in the house, but we didn't actually see him in the flesh. We did spot, however, the ubiquitous Louise Roe, who we're beginning to think should legally change her name to The Ubiquitous Louise Roe; Jackass's Bam Margera and musician Porcelain Black, looking respectively slouchy and mysterious; Gossip Girl's Tika Sumpter, who was waxing poetic about the importance of lotion when we squeezed past her; Gilmore Girls's Alexis Bledel, who was chewing gum the whole time, but still managed to look very pretty (because she is); and The Golden Girls's Betty White, who was doing a conga line. Okay, that part is a lie, but it seemed like it should be true, if only to keep up the parade of alliterative Girl-themed TV shows. Alexis's seatmate was actually the aforementioned Ashley Tisdale, who didn't seem to exchange a word with her until they got up to leave.

Alexis wasn't the only person Ashley was (possibly) snubbing, though — when we arrived, we overheard her PR person tell a reporter very firmly that interviews were over despite there being a good twenty minutes to go before showtime (all of which Ashley spent staring into middle distance), and we also didn't see her smile at or lean over to chat with her own sister. In fairness, her sister was on accidental baby-wrangling duty, but we figure if you bring your sibling to a fashion show, at least have a little chat about the frocks. But perhaps the Tiz had reasons to be cranky. First of all, the CW cancelled Hellcats; second, she was wearing basically the same dress we saw on Beverley Mitchell the day before at BCBG Max Azria, and there's nothing worse than being scooped by a 7th Heaven alum. Finally, if we may be blunt — and when are we not? — girlfriend looked tired. There were visible roots, y'all, and she is deep in the throes of tanorexia. We just wanted to pull her aside, hug her, and maybe exfoliate some of that. Pace yourself, kid: Those High School Musical checks are going to keep you in bronzer for the rest of your life, so please, don't feel you have to wear it all at once.

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