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The Fug Girls: At BCBG, the First Sophia Bush Sighting of the Season

Max Azria and Sophia Bush.

Before we even set foot in the tents this season, we saw ethereal, venerable fashion nutcase Tilda Swinton (we say that with great affection) on an airplane, Tony Shalhoub in an elevator, and Louise Roe staring sadly out the window of a hotel. It seemed impossible that Fashion Week itself could top a fame assemblage that random, but we were wrong: Halfway through the BCBG show this morning, we noticed a tan blonde in a peach strapless dress that was a tad prom-adjacent for 10 a.m. on a Thursday, and realized it was none other than 7th Heaven's Beverley Mitchell, who is also pretty much the seventh most famous person from that show. At this rate, it will be a grave disappointment if by week's end we haven't seen that girl from the nineties show Out Of This World, who used a nightstand crystal to talk to her alien dad, Burt Reynolds. And also actual Burt Reynolds.

Mitchell wasn't sitting in celebrity row, but she seemed to know someone who was: an actress we had to Google before we pinpointed her as Virginia Williams from USA's Fairly Legal. (Hey, at least they recognized each other.) Williams was flanked by two model Jessicas — Hart and White — and One Tree Hill's Shantel VanSanten, who chatted up a now more cheerful-looking Roe. Further down, we saw Twilight's Julia Jones, Happy Endings' Elisha Cuthbert (refreshingly normal-size in person, and no, that's not code for anything), and Jordana Brewster, who is apparently getting a huge jump on reminding all of us that (a) she's in the Dallas reboot, and (b) that the Dallas reboot is actually still happening.

It wouldn’t be Fashion Week if we didn't see Sophia Bush, so it was awfully nice of Sophia Bush to drop by, too, and so early in the season, thereby nipping in the bud all our inevitable "I wonder when we're going to see Sophia Bush" conversations. Thank God we're now free to have all the other conversations we need to have, all of which will probably be about the economy. Sophia brought an entourage to BCBG — by which we mean her boobs, which constantly seemed in danger of escaping the underpinnings of her uncharacteristic and not hugely flattering floaty, boho dress. She also appeared to have brought as her companion a large-hatted woman who sat behind Sophia and spent the entire show leaning forward and chatting to model Angela Lindvall, who then spent the duration giving a loud, running commentary, like this was Monday Night Football and they were Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth. And while we would love it if there was someone on hand to discuss tight ends and bellow "that's gotta hurt" every time a model does a face-plant, so far there's actually no job opening with that description at Fashion Week. Yet. When it happens, if they don't apply, maybe we will.

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Photo: Jason Kempin/Getty Images

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