The Fug Girls: Mischa Barton Takes a Reality TV Turn at Naeem Khan

Photo: Gustavo Caballero/2011 Gustavo Caballero

We've been wondering when/if Mischa Barton would make a triumphant — or, at least, semi-umphant — return to TV (we don't really count Beautiful Life: TBL, because it practically got yanked mid-premiere). But, we never figured it would be via a reality show — unless, perhaps, it was Dancing With The Stars. At Naeem Khan earlier today, though, Mischa entered with stylist June Ambrose, who had a camera crew in tow for her untitled reality show, and both Ambrose and Barton were miked. If Mischa is letting Ambrose style her, then we give her full marks because she looks pretty and fully shampooed. But, we can't help thinking that going from Marissa Cooper to Tertiary Reality Show Guest Star is a bit of a freefall. Then again, work is work, and reality TV is a hotline to ballroom dancing. So, maybe we will eat our words in a year after Mischa pasodobles her way to an Us Weekly cover. Ladies and gentlemen, start your betting.