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The Fug Girls: It’s a Red Dress Showdown Between Kelly Rutherford and SNL’s Vanessa Bayer at Nanette Lepore

Kelly Rutherford and Vanessa Bayer.

The Nanette Lepore show is always a very relaxing experience. We don't exactly know why — we suspect it's because her famous guests are a somewhat-random array of close personal friends and, thus, are neither crabby nor there to act like divas — but nobody ever pushes and shoves on the runway, somebody is always hugging someone else, and celebrities drift in so casually that we are often halfway through the show itself before we realize who is there. This season, it happened with Arianna Huffington — who, unlike last season, didn't vanish before the show began, although she did appear to be texting throughout it — and actress Carol Kane, as well as a woman sitting next to Stanley Tucci, who looked a lot like Broadway's Cady Huffman (The Producers) but, by the time we noticed her, it was too late to find out for sure. Which is too bad, because we doubtlessly could’ve come up with several probing questions about what it was like working with Ferris Bueller, and why she hadn't brushed her hair yet today.

Tucci was a bit chattier than he's been in the past (not difficult, given that he generally seems rather crabby at these events). When asked on-camera about his personal style, he started to answer, then paused and clarified, "I don't wear [Nanette's] clothes." He then spoke the sentence which confirmed that we are probably soul mates: Asked by a camera crew how he likes to unwind, Tucci said, "I go to dinner. Oh, but I have a martini first." Preach it, Stanley. We are already thinking about both of those things.

Austin Scarlett also attended, fresh off finishing the Project Runway all-stars shoot, with his supervillain mustache very much in effect. “I wear [mustaches] from time to time, but I guess this one stuck,” he shrugged. “For me, it’s an Errol Flynn vibe.” Oh, and Miley Cyrus was there. Well, fine — it was actually SNL's Vanessa Bayer, who spoofs Miley ("Shello!"), but she's probably as close as we're going to get. Unlike her colleague Abby Elliott the other night, Bayer seemed to think that doing a few interviews would be pretty cool, and she also posed for a few fan pictures. Unfortunately for her, however, she appeared to be wearing the toned-down version of the snug red lacy dress that Kelly Rutherford was sporting just a few seats away. Not that Bayer's didn't work — although, we wish someone backstage had handed her sexier shoes to wear with it — but it is generally a bummer, in any situation, to realize that you are wearing essentially the same thing as Kelly Rutherford, because she is tall, glamorous, and about as wide as a finger. (Of course, Beth Ostrosky handled it well at Nicole Miller in February, but that might be because she is even taller.)

As usual, though, the happiest and most sunny Lepore guest of all was Aida Turturro, who practically danced her way through the pre-show crowd and boogied in her seat during the presentation. “I fit into a dress! Can you believe it?” she sang, hugging a photographer. “I mean, I’m not gonna be on the next cover of Sports Illlustrated. And you know what? I don’t give a shit! You can’t be too skinny. If you’re too skinny, what is there to hold onto? You’ll slip right through.” Then she tossed her hair and posed for a photo and cracked, “I’m done with negativity. No more negativity. Take your depression somewhere else!” We plan to take ours out for a martini. Coming, Stanley?

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Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images for FIJI Water

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