The Fug Girls: Shortsapalooza and Return of the Bush at Chris Benz

Looks from the Chris Benz Spring 2012 Collection

Sometimes we’re embarrassed by our ability to identify celebrities — that seems like brain space that should be taken up by, say, whatever we were supposed to learn in high school Biology, or what day of the week it currently is — and other times we’re embarrassed when said ability fails us. For example, at Chris Benz’s presentation on Monday afternoon, we turned around and saw the pink-haired designer hugging a woman whom we noted on our memo pads simply as “Twilight Mom. Bangs?” That is terrible. We blame the heat. We’re sure Elizabeth Reaser — whose name we finally did remember, albeit ten minutes later — would rather the sum of her life was not a vampire movie and the state of her hair, but hey, at least those words eventually got us where we needed to be. Ms. Twilight Bangs did spend a few minutes shrieking with Sophia Bush about Sophia’s shoes — the same as Reaser’s, but in a pattern — so maybe Elizabeth can finagle a final-season cameo on One Tree Hill and thus win a permanent place in our memory banks.

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